Our Building

Greenman Eye Associates was founded by Max Greenman M.D., a well-known ophthalmologist practicing for over 30 years in the Charlotte area. Dr. Greenman has been a leader in the latest technological developments in ophthalmology throughout his medical career. Dr. Max Greenman will continue to offer his premier service, where patient care and satisfaction always comes first. He is joined at Greenman Eye Associates by his sons, Drs. Herb and Dave Greenman. Drs. Herb and Dave Greenman are identical twins who admired their fatherís career so much that they decided to follow in their fatherís footsteps and become ophthalmologists. Drs. Herb and Dave Greenman are from the Charlotte area and graduated from South Mecklenburg High School and the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Herb Greenman received his medical training at Duke Medical School and Dr. Dave Greenman received his medical training at Chapel Hill Medical School.

Greenman Eye Associates is a small family run ophthalmology practice conveniently located near uptown Charlotte, positioned to meet all your ophthalmological needs, including adult and pediatric ophthalmology, diabetes, cataract and glaucoma surgery, plastic surgery, LASIK surgery, macular degeneration, corneal transplants, eyelid and muscle surgery, and glasses and contact lenses, in addition to routine eye exams.

Patient Testimonials

Mildred P. Blackwell
"I've been coming to see Dr. Greenman for 40 years. I came in initially because I had an eye problem at work. I called them, I came right in and because of Dr. Greenman's surgery, I can see today. I am eternally grateful. Because of Dr. Greenman's genuine personality, I brought my children in also and we've been coming for three generations now.

Jordan Garrick
"Coming to Greenman Eye Associates has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. When we come, we never have to wait. We are always whisked away to a private, spacious room in the back and we're given the best care." 

Hettie Wright
"The staff at Greenman Eye Associates is very nice. You just feel you've come to visit with friends, but you know you're going to get the best care." 

Audrey Wright
"Whenever I come to Greenman Eye Associates, it's like coming to see a family. Everybody is so friendly and it's always a wonderful experience."